Starter MX450 airframe kit

MX450 is a light-weight while powerful airframe for starters. It is easy to assemble, and is a high performance platform when used together with MindPX flight controller.
MX450 airframe comes with 4 aluminum alloy arms, on each installed a 2216/900KV BLDC motor. 4 BLHeli-S ESC (40A max.) can be installed inside the arm cube so the wires would not exposed from outside.
The kit also comes with 4 10" propellers, and 4 x 20cm high legs for belly mounting payloads.

MindPX released V2.6 for beta testing

MindPX releases V2.6 hardware for beta testing. The formal release will be available in about one week.
MindPX V2.6 is a major enhancement since V2.3, which significantly expands MindPX platform's capability.

Key features in V2.6:
1. Support more radio controllers including: SBUS/DSM/DSM2
2. Support more telemetry including Frsky and Wifi
3. Support maximum 8 PWM outputs
4. In meanwhile owns 4 AUX outputs for external trigger
5. Add support for RSSI

MindPX open source autopilot system

MindPX is a new generation autopilot system branched from Pixhawk, been revised in schematic and structure, and been further enhanced with new features to make un-manned vehicle more smart and more friendly to use.

Project MindPX is founded at Nov., 2014 by AirMind.co. The whole idea of MindPX is it should be a flight platform that can meet the new requirements from the new generation smart drone product. In align with AirMind's vision, MindPX is running as an open source project from the very beginning.