About us

AirMind is a small startup company since Sept, 2014. We are group of engineers, and we have the idea of using computer vision in drone started since 2 years ago. Till mid of this this year, we almost finished the vision subsystem based on Android, and the flight core module prototype. And then we realized that it might be the time to start build a real drone now, that is Mind4. And Mind4 is so different from other drones on the market, that we want to make it available to as many people as possible. So we decided to found Airmind, which we will focus and concentrate on developing and improving Mind4 product.
The company currently has a R&D team located in Shanghai, China.

We actually have many choices about which application Mind4 is used to when we present this product to people. In fact in our view Mind4 can be used in many area like in fire watching, animal caring, farm monitoring, etc, due to its platform based design. In the end we decide to first present Mind4 as a personal, portable filming device. But it does not mean we will limit Mind4’s development on that application. Instead, the platform feature will be delivered in Mind4 without compromise.

Core team members

Ning LU, Founder, Ph.D. of Computer Science.
Fielding Gao, Co-Founder, Ph.D. of Automation.
Owen Zhang, Co-Founder, Head of Marketing.
Henry Zhang, Architect
Hill Gu, Algorithms
Kiba yang, Android software