MindRacer (Pro edition)

  • Posted on: 7 November 2016
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New member in MindPX family!

Designed for FPV racing, MindRacer is an exciting new member in MindPX family. With ultra mini size MindRacer can fit into from 250 mm to 120mm racing frame, while owns the full power of professional MindPX/PX4 flight stack.

Other than racing, MindRacer is also the best choice for the needs of compact or mini size drone applications. Its specially designed stackable, modularized mounting style can provide extremely flexible configurations even in most compact spaces.

Highlighted features

- Ultra mini size, weight only ~6g
- High performance F4 168MHz floating point processor, super fast throttle response
- Support OneShot ESC
- Support PPM/SBUS/DSM radio receivers, support D.Port/S.Port/Wifi telemetry
- On board flight data recorder
- Support IMU isolation
- DroneCode standard compliant connector

Hardware specification

1. 35 x 35mm (30.5 mm mounting holes) ultra mini size, weight only ~6g
2. STM32F427 as processor
3. 6 main PWM outputs
4. onboard MPU6500 & HMC5883L
5. dual 2x7 stackable header pins for I/O port replication/expansion
6. optional IMU isolation mounting support
7. Support PPM/SBUS/SPEKTRUM DSM/Satellite RC input
8. Support FrSky/Wifi telemetry
9. onboard RTC battery and TF card slot
10. DroneCode standard compliance connector

IMU isolation interface
This interface gives you the advanced option to have an external set of IMU components (accelerometer/gyroscope/compass) that are isolated from the mainboard and frame, to reduce the impact from temperature and vibration.

Powerful processor
STM32F427-VIT 168MHz / 100-pin

Flight stack

MindRacer and MindPX shares the same MinPX flight stack and also fully compatible with PX4.

In Package
- MindRacer main board
- 3M tape
- Cable set: power cable, debug cable, main output cable, RC input cable, FrSky telemetry cable
- M3*7+6 hexagon stud x 8
- M3 nut x 4


Related Accessories (not in default package, need to buy separately)
- USB-to-Serial Debug cable for MindRacer Buy>
Debug cable

- MR power distribution board (MRPDB) Buy>
(MindRacer mounted on MRPDB)
mount on MRPDB

- Interface board for MindRacer expansion Buy>
interface board

Detailed specification of MindPX can be found at Hardware Specification

User guide of MindPX can be found at User Manual

Weight: 6.5 g
Dimensions: 35 mm × 35 mm × 8 mm