MX450 airframe for MindPX

  • Posted on: 1 July 2016
  • By: admin

MX450 frame can adopt more powerful rotors and propellers, longer and higher flight range, offers more possibility for DIYers.

Wheel base : 450mm
frame material: Aluminum alloy,
Motor type : 2216/900KV BLDC
ESC maximum current : 40(A)
Propeller specification : 10 inches
Weight: 350g (net)
Motor tray: carbon fiber
Power module: MindPX PowerX2 V1.0

Package includes
1 MX450 frame (with PDB)
4 x 2216/900KV BLDC motors
4 x 40A ESC
4 x 10" propellers
4 x high legs (20 CM)
1 x PowerX2 V1.0 (with e-Switch)
1 x screw set

note MindPX, remote controller, receiver, MindFlow, battery are not in the package and needs to be purchased separately.

More assembly instructions>


SKU: MX450V10
Weight: 350 kg
Dimensions: 350 mm × 350 mm × 120 mm