• Posted on: 29 June 2016
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New generation of racer!

- Traversing style frame, agile and swift
- High performance MindPX flight controller with 168MHz floating point processor, super fast and accurate
- Dual redundancy IMU sensors(2x10DOFs)
- rich interfaces support powerful customization
- Support both optical flow camera & GPS

Physical (MQ250)
Wheelbase 250mm diagonal
Height 80mm
Weight ~400g without battery mounted
Motors brushless(1806-2300kv)x4
FPV camera Sony 800TVL PAL/NTSC
Propellers 5030 x2, 5030R x2
Video transmitter 5.8GHz
Battery 2200mAh / 3S
Max. speed ~70km/h
GPS Optional (External module, Optional to purchase and Install)

Dual redundancy IMU sensors(2x10DOFs)

Flight modes and professional setup
Multiple flight modes for various scenarios, including: Manual, Altitude control, Position
control, Acro, and Rattitude mode. Full functional ground station supports professional
setup and fine tune.

Fast and accurate
The powerful MindPX flight controller with 168MHz floating point processor ensures the
racing drone super fast and accurate response to pilot’s commands, brings pilot unusual
experience of speed racing.

Rich interfaces enable powerful customization
MindPX controller exposes a rich set of interfaces which can enable your powerful
customization and personalization of your drone. No limits on your mind.

What are included in the package
MindPX flight controller

1806/2300KV BLDC 

10A ESC 5030

200mW video transmitter

built-in OSD
1 Buzzer
1 PPM encoder
Internal vibration damping
Clover antenna
With e-switch

SKU: MQ250320
Weight: 400 kg
Dimensions: 200 mm × 220 mm × 80 mm


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