MindPX V2

  • Posted on: 25 May 2016
  • By: admin

MindPX is a new generation auto-pilot designed by AirMind (www.airmind.co), targeting at improving Pixhawk's drawbacks like occupying too much spaces, complicated mounting and expansion, outdated electronic components, etc.

Highlighted features of MindPX

1. New FMU V4 hardware architecture, higher efficiency

2. Compact size, saving frame spaces

3. Aluminum alloy CNC case, light and solid.

4. Ingenious internal structure design, implements vibration damping inside the compact space, thus greatly simplified mounting and saving space.

5. Most advanced sensors brings more accuracy and stability

6. Full interfaces design, and more functional ports for easy expansion.

Powerful processor

Hardware specification

1. Equipped with super fast 168MHz STM32F4 floating point processor

2. Dual redundancy IMU sensors.

3. Maximum 8 PWM outputs (v2.8 and after)

4. Maximum 8 AUX outputs for external trigger. (v2.8 and after)

5. Support PPM, SBUS, DSM/DSM2, satellite RC inputs. (v2.8 and after)

6. Support FrSky, 3DR telemetry (v2.8 and after)

7. Support Wifi telemetry (v2.8 and after)

8. Supports optical flow camera for positioning.

Built-in vibration dampening
built-in dampening

Flight stack

MindPX can support MindPX flight stack and PX4 flight stack.

PX4 flight stack

MindPX is now officially supported by PX4 organization. PX4 is one of the most sharp and stable flight stack around the world, makes MindPX an outstanding auto-pilot of the class. PX4 supports UAV types from fixed wings, multi rotors to VTOLs, and numerous flight modes including Acro/Rate/Ratittude/Manual/Pos/Alt control etc., and can be widely applied into FPV/racing/business/recreational/Science etc.

PX4 uses QGroundControl as ground station, which is also an open source project from PX4 organization. QGroundControl is available here for free to use.

MindPX flight stack

MindPX flight stack is developed by Airmind. Beyond PX4, MindPX has the ability to sense the environment and fuse data from multiple sensors. It is targeting at the flight controller for next generation smart drone.

MindPX flight stack can also work with QGroundControl.

User can choose which flight stack to use according to personal favorites.

Powerful processor

Detailed specification of MindPX can be found at Hardware Specification

User guide of MindPX can be found at User Manual

SKU: fcumpv2
Weight: 40 g
Dimensions: 59 mm × 40 mm × 16 mm