Meet Mind4, world first Android based smart drone

Mind4 is the world first quad-copter that been built based on Android system. It is designed to be a powerful, easy to use and multi-purpose aerial filming system, which can bring drone technology and aerial film to a brand new level.

Normally drone needs very comprehensive piloting skill to operate and film, which is a great obstacle to many enthusiasms. Mind4 uses cutting edge computer vision technology to achieve precise and stable autonomous tracking and following of subject, which made Mind4 extremely easy to operate and film. You can focus on the fun and let your hands free, Mind4 can see you and keep you centered in the frame of view and film automatically.

Body gesture control makes Mind4 even more like a magic. With this technology you do not need a remote controller to give Mind4 commands. You simply raise your hands to get drone closer, or wave your arms to ask it to give you a selfie, Mind4 can understand your gesture and follow your commands.

Mind4 is designed to be compact and portable. It uses light-weight and solid material to build the body, and parts can be disassembled/assembled quickly.

Mind4 is based on Android platform, and has many apps you can download from app store. You can use these apps to achieve different functions and acquire different filming effects according to your favorites. With the power of millions of Android developers all over the world, there is really no limit to what Mind4 can do for you. It can watch your steps when hiking, it can guide you home when you lost, it can give you a selfie, it can keep an eye on your pets. It just depends on how far your mind can reach.

This project is running a KickStarter campaign now. Please join and back us at Mind4@KickStarter. Your support will make a difference in drone technology, and open doors we never knew were closed. Make this happen, make this dream product into reality.