Precise and autonomous following and filming

People love and are eager to make drone more simple to operate and interact with. While some companies has working on GPS technologies that can make drone autonomously following people, it still has obvious disadvantages that may turn out not working as expected. For example, the GPS system inherent error is usually in a range from several to 20 meters, so your drone’s camera may pointing to the wrong place that maybe 10 meters away from you, and you are not in the picture at all.

We use computer vision technology in Mind4 to track subject’s position, set of cameras acting as highly trained eyes. It can autonomously follow you or other subjects very precisely, keep you in sight and centered in the frame of view.

Mind4 has an embodied HD camera with zoom lens, acting as the “eye” of the drone. With the live image feeds from camera, the Mind4's flight core can continuously identify and tracking moving object precisely and control the drone to be in the right position.